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Ranked #1 in NAT Result among private schools in Ligao City Division for three consecutive years (2011,2012,2013)

Gay Palcon Awardee for being one of the Top Performing Schools in the Province of Albay (2012)

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Recognized by DepEd and National Association of Private School in Oklahoma, USA.

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Over-all champion for two consecutive years in the Division Schools Press Conference (2018 and 2019)

Produced regional and national campus journalism winners from 2015-2019

Metrobank-MTAP-Deped Math Challenge
Over-all champion in all grade levels in the Division Level Elimination Round

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Uses ABEKA Video Curriculum

Christian Values integration across learning areas.

Students’ performance at church services and attendance in Sunday school classes.

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Welcome to,

VanderPol Christian Academy, Inc.

One of the top performing schools in the Province of Albay

Deped Recognized & USA Accredited School

VanderPol Christian Academy, Inc. is DepEd - recognized Elementary School in Layon, Ligao City, Albay, Philippines. It is also recognized by the National Association of Private School in Oklahoma, USA. One of the top performing schools in the Province of Albay.

Educational Philosophy

Education in and of itself will do nothing to change the heart of a child or society in general. It is out of the heart that the wickedness of man flows and only God changes hearts. In contrast to popular trends, we must base Christian education on the conviction that everything that is taught in all classes, including reading, writing and arithmetic should be from an inherently theistic, or God-centered, perspective.

Unique Curriculum

VandePol Christian Academy, Inc. is using a combination of K to 12 Philippine-based curriculum and the internationally recognized A-Beka Academy Christian curriculum. These curricula are perfect combination in nurturing academic excellence and god-fearing students among our


VanderPol Christian Academy, Inc. uses the A-Beka Academy DVD program that is also used by Pensacola Christian Academy located in Florida, USA. Our preschool classes use kindergarten 4 level with the main purpose of being able to learn the English language. Our kindergarten classes use the kindergarten 5 curriculum with an emphasis on academic skills. We found out that two years of the kindergarten curriculum gives a solid foundation for the future academically and produces fluent English speakers at a very young age. We require English to be spoken by all students and teachers within the school campus.
All of our Preschool and Elementary classrooms are set up with two teachers. One American teacher on the DVD, who is responsible for instruction in all core subject areas; and one Filipino teacher who is responsible for monitoring student learning, discipline, record keeping, and for teaching the required Filipino subjects in order for us to meet the requirement set forth by the DepEd. It is proven that the A Beka curriculum produces excellent result. It is our inspiration to pursue our desire to offer high school preferably the Seventh Grade for our elementary graduating pupils in the coming years.
VCA’s growth has resulted from Gods’ blessing and an outstanding academic program of the A Beka Academy. Our curriculum offers students with the best possible program of studies, emphasizing mastery of the fundamentals necessary for satisfactory achievement. In addition to helping students acquire facts and understand concepts, we emphasize individual development and exercise of the power of reasoning. We believe that the traditional system of education best educates the mind and builds good character, encouraging competition and promoting the value of a free enterprise economic system and representative government.
Our teaching methods are proven to be effective, and we constantly search for even better techniques. Realizing the difference in innate ability, we encourage and expect the students to perform their maximum potential. VCA will prepare our students to become informed, discerning citizens who are solidly equipped with the knowledge to succeed in academics, career, and life.

Services We Offer,

We Are Prepared For The New Normal

Stay safe! Study at home away from the pandemic! No need to delay your child's education and be left behind. VanderPol Christian Academy offers distance learning programs for preschool, grade, and junior high school.


Do not let your child be left behind! All our programs are home-based, so your child can study safely at home and keep their education on schedule. We are offering a mix of online classes and module based learning. There will be no face to face classes during the pandemic.


More than ever, distance learning requires the support and supervision of parents and guardians, but don’t worry! The teachers and staff of VanderPol will provide the needed support and assistance to make sure they can help you help your child become successful distance learners!


We use online learning systems that are also used by many other K12 schools all over the world like in the US, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. Our online systems have a proven track record for excellence.Watch Video Demo


VanderPol Christian Academy, Inc. lives with its core values-VIRTUE, CHRISTIAN CHRACTER, and ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. These core values are driving force of the school in producing quality, efficient, and enabling education.


Our curriculum will apply a variety of techniques we have learned from years of classroom teaching and blend it with new online methods and applications to create an interesting, engaging, and meaningful online learning experience for our students.


The teachers, administration, and staff of VanderPol are friendly, accommodating, and understanding. We teach and demonstrate the values through our interactions with students, parents, and the community. A positive school culture brings the best out of any student.

Our Goal

Our Mission & Vision

As an extended ministry of the Linebarger Ministries, we are envisioning that our students shall become one of the most disciplined, dependable, competent and competitive children in the community. Our vision is to see them in the future as God-fearing children and law-abiding citizens who would diligently and religiously love and serve God, our country, and our people.

To realize the vision, the school shall be committed to teach and train our students to the highest standard of education and the uncompromising Moral and Christian values, “(bold)Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.(bold)” (Proverbs 22:6) It is our aim to produce solid and promising students. Due to the nature and the standard of the video-assisted school, we are strict in admitting enrollees. We are projecting competent and highly commendable students both in academics and attitude.

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